SOLD OUT...what's next?

September 24th, 2021

We built 50 vintage styled 110cc pit bikes: and now they're GONE

Can you still get your hands on a Buscadero 110?

All 50 bikes have officially sold out. Our heads are still spinning. Thank you ALL for the support over the wildest 6 months of our lives. While our custom built 110's are no longer available, there's still hope.

When this all started about a year ago, we bought 50 naked bikes (frame, motor, wheels) from the GPX factory and decided to build them ourselves out of our home garage for a few reasons. One, we needed to prove that this concept was something people actually wanted. And two, we wanted to get started right away and not waste any time. If there's anything these last 6 months have shown us, it's that we NEED to keep doing this. So we're here to stay.


What most people don't know is that building them ourselves and selling them at $2800, is not sustainable. So here's the exciting news, we're partnering with GPX to have them built straight from the factory with our design. Here's why this is a great thing;

  • This will make the bikes more affordable
  • We'll be available in moto dealers all over the country
  • AND we'll have more time to work on future models, ie...a 190cc, 250cc and other custom vintage builds

The timeline for this is still up in the air. But we've been working closely with GPX to get the designs dialed in and we'll be sure to keep you updated. I would expect around 6 months before we have bikes on hand (March 2022).

If you want to be notified first when the next batch of bikes is available make sure you fill out your info for the "notify me" list here:

We'll text or email you as soon as they're ready.

Till then, pick up a new tshirt, set of shop rags, or a new hat and start breaking them in for your next day out in the dirt;)



Written by Parker Lichfield

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