The Honda XR 650L has a storied history spanning three decades, maintaining its timeless design since its 1992 debut. Derived from Honda's renowned XR series, it inherits a legacy of championship performance and rugged durability. Trusted by riders globally, its 644cc engine delivers reliable power, remaining virtually unchanged throughout its production. As an icon in the dual-sport motorcycle world, the XR 650L's enduring popularity speaks to its reliability, versatility, and classic appeal. Honda's commitment to preserving its heritage ensures each generation of riders can experience the thrill of adventure on this legendary machine.

We've been looking for the right machine to build our first kit around. Our demanding checklist makes it difficult to find a bike that works for our formula. 

Our whole business model is based on the idea of building motorcycles that have a classic 60's or 70's style, but with modern features and reliability. We looked for a bike that is air cooled, disc brakes, electric start, reliable motor, versatility, street legal, and a cult following.

And you better believe the 650L checks all those boxes, and then some.

We're working on designing a full kit with front/rear fenders, fuel tank, complete seat and side panels that will easily install with the existing mounting points and no modifications needed. 

We've always loved the look of well built Triumph, or Royal Enfield scramblers but most of them are too big and heavy to actually hit a trail with. We hope to carry that same style/design from the scrambler world and apply it to a machine that has the ability to actually hit the trails or ride some wheelies on.