Beware of Scams and Online Fraud

Around March '23 we became aware of a scam going around. They stole our images, videos and reviews and are running ads on Facebook, Tik Tok and Pinterest, which take you to a fake site where they take your money and of course send you nothing. Or in some cases (for some weird reason) they'll send you a little plastic toy, or a cheap socket set.

Here's what the scam usually looks like:

  • Name of the page, account or website is not our official name (should be "Buscadero Moto", @buscadero_motorcycles)
  • The link does not take you to our official website. Most of the scams have a strange domain name in the URL. If it's anything other than our official website than it's most likely the scam
  • Ridiculous low prices, usually around ~$80
If you're a victim of one of these scams you may want to dispute the charge with your credit card company. They should be able to get your money back and it also helps us by getting their website flagged by the banks and hopefully shut down. 

We've done everything we possibly can to stop these from happening. We've reported every fake ad and website we see unfortunately it's not enough to keep them from creating new accounts and keep scamming people.

We'd appreciate any help we can get reporting the ads when you see them. 

Although we have nothing to do with the scams, this has hurt our image and credibility more than you can imagine. We would absolutely LOVE your help in sharing, liking, or commenting on any of our social media content. That helps confirm our authenticity and helps people realize that we're a legit, family business that has poured our savings, blood, sweat and tears into this business and in the end, we just want to keep helping people build awesome core memories with friends, family and motorcycles. 

If you have any concerns, questions or would just rather place an order over the phone to eliminate any worries we'd love to chat!

Call Mike (801) 668-6856 or you can send an email to