FAQ's about the BSX pit bikes

Q: How long will it take to arrive after I purchase?
A: It takes about 1-2 business days to get it on the truck. And then usually another 7-10 days for delivery.

Q: Is the BSX 110 or 140 Street Legal? 
A: No, our bikes do not come street legal. The BSX pit bikes come with a headlight and tail light and we know some customers have looked into their state laws and added turn signals, horn, street tires, etc... (depending on what is required) and registered for the street. But the BSX is a "dirt bike" through and through. It's made for the trails, tracks, backyard ripping, lake beds, camping, and whatever other dirt playgrounds you can come up with.

Q: What's the difference between the BSX 110 and BSX 140?
A: The 110 and the 140 have the same height, length, wheels, chassis (frame), and just about all other parts and components are exactly the same. The difference is the motor. The 140cc packs more of a punch in the power department. Lots more bottom end and acceleration. The trade off is that it makes it slightly heavier. And even though it's only about 5 lbs heavier than the 110, it doesn't handle quite as well as the 110 in tight, technical riding. 

Who should buy the 140cc: Someone who has some riding experience, and is looking for lots of raw power. 

Who should buy the 110cc: Someone looking for a bike that's lighter weight, not quite as much power as the 140 but a little better handling in corners. Perfect for beginners to learn on. Yet also for experts, especially if you're looking to race the stock 110cc class at the pit bike races. 

Q: What's the top speed?
A: Top speed has more to do with gearing than power. Both bikes are geared the same. So they'll both get up to about 50 - 55 mph. However, because of the extra power on the 140, it'll get up to that speed much faster. If you're looking to get more top speed, you can always call in and we'll give you recommendations on how to achieve the results you want. Although keep in mind, to get more top speed, you'll have to sacrifice bottom end. And without wheelies, the world is a sad place.

Q: Are the bikes green sticker compliant for California?
We have many customers in California, but owners should be aware we do not have the green sticker certification for California.

Q: I saw an ad for your bikes for a really cheap price, is it a scam?
A: Yes it is. Unfortunately some dirt bags have stolen our images, videos and reviews and have been "selling" our bikes for ridiculous low prices. Usually around $50-$80. They're scamming people out of money and important financial information. Read more about it here.