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Honda XR 350R Buscadero vintage motocrossHonda XR's were a staple in the vintage off-road motorcycle world and still are today. They're a cult favorite, and rightly so.  Between the two of us, we've probably owned over a dozen XR's. From XR75's to 600's, we've ridden the full spectrum. And I'm guessing you have too. Every time I swing a leg over a Honda XR, I fall in love all over again.

They're comfortable, require low maintenance, reliable and FUN as hell to ride. The 4-stroke motors completely stand out in the 70's and 80's amid the 2 stroke motocross bikes of the day. They're extraordinary bikes.

Alright, story time! Flashback to 1979, my dad, Mike (co-founder and head builder of Buscadero motorcycles) was torn between his love of his new Honda XR185 and his itch to start racing mx at the local track, wondered if he could build it to be competitive in a race. As a young towheaded kid in high school, he stripped that 185 down bolt by bolt, removing lights and any excess weight from the bike. He Supertrapp'd it, threw on some number plates, painted it white and BAM! Not only was his first race bike born but he birthed the idea and inspiration behind Buscadero Motorcycles today.

Honda XR 185 vintage motocross

He was the ONLY 4 stroke mx bike at the track in 1979. He had to race a class up (because displacement wasn't fully understood in the local racing world yet) and usually got womped on the starts but actually won a lot of races on that bike. My dad turned A LOT of heads, and more importantly had more fun than anyone else.

Fun fact: We built a tribute bike to that original 185cc. More to come on that. I'll write a seperate post about it soon with more details of that story and the bike build when it's finished.

Honda XR 185 vintage motocrossFast forward to today, we're taking our love of Honda XR's and fusing it with our passion for the sport of motocross and building a series of custom motorcycles that are unlike any others. My dad's ability to create and build things from scratch has always bewildered me. His attention to detail and wild creativity is manifested in each build.



Here's where I (Parker) come into the picture...My contribution to all this stems from the business I've built over the last decade in leather craft, called Stock and Barrel Co. You can check it out here. You can usually find me in my workshop building vegetable tanned leather bags, wallet, belts and "buscadero" western gun belts and holsters. (If you were wondering where our name comes from there's a little hint) It's allowed me to explore all the new ways that makers, builders and creatives in general can use social media to pull back the curtain to the amazing talent that's usually going on behind closed garage doors. We want to let you in to the build process as well as give you the opportunity to get your hands on completely unique, custom built motorcycles.Oh yeah, my background in leather craft comes in handy for upholstering seats, so between that, my dad's experience building beautiful two wheel machines, our love of racing and professional fun-having, creates a good recipe for Buscadero to thrive. 

We'll give you everything you love about Honda XR's with a 70's vintage motocross twist. We have a lot of exciting plans for the future of Buscadero including a vintage motocross racing series here in Utah, A lot more custom XR builds in the works, lots of heart-racing "thumpery" video content for you to consume and plenty more vintage motocross inspired apparel and gear. Thanks for being here with us.

Welcome to Buscadero Motorcycles.