Intoducing "Hoodoo": A custom 1983 Honda XR350R

In 1983, Honda birthed an air cooled, four stroke, single cylinder SOHC, 4 valve enduro motorcycle that came out swinging, the XR 350R. It was the perfect candidate for the first Buscadero vintage motocross build.

With the local vintage mx scene here in Utah still being pretty small, there were only a couple conditions needed to be met for entry. Air cooled, and drum braked. So we had the potential to go "all out" with mods on this build and still qualify (ie. works suspension, carb upgrade, etc...) but for the most part we kept it pretty stock. It's everything you love about Honda XR's, reliability, a comfortable ride, powerful motor. Our main goal was to take a bike that we already love, and build it up to resemble some of the late 70's 2-stroke motocross legends. 

Custom Honda XR 350R vintage motocross

Work that was done on the bike:

  • Top end rebuild (rings, hot cam, oil seals, etc…)
  • Stripped down to frame, cleaned, painted, polished.
  • Custom tank and plastics (front fender from 1979 KTM, 1986 YZ250 rear fender from DC plastics).
  • Modified stock saddle re-upholstered by Stock and Barrel Co.
  • We cranked up the horsepower with an XR's Only competition Super Trapp exhaust developed by the 2004 Best In The Desert 4-Strokes Champions.

1983 Honda XR 350R vintage motocross Buscadero

It's very uncommon to see late 70’s style mx bikes powered by a four stroke motor. Other than the Yamaha HL500 replicas and a few CCM's here and there (both very rare and expensive), it's slim pickins.

Our XR builds are quite different than other ones we’ve seen, so we’re proud to have built something that is totally unique and really turns a lot of heads at the track.

1983 Honda XR 350R vintage motocross Buscadero

The #1 trophy from the bike's debut race says everything that needs to be said about it's performance;) 

1983 Honda XR 350R vintage motocross

If you're interested in commissioning a custom bike like this for yourself, please feel free to reach out to and we can talk through all the options without any pressure or commitments. 


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