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For general questions about apparel, hats, accessories...send us an email at:

For questions regarding the bikes (ie; BSX 110 or 140) that include technical advice, shipping, order updates, parts, warranty, or call


P.S.A regarding scammers

There have been some scams going around using our images and videos to take people's hard earned money. Believe me, we're just as P.O'd about it as you are.

They've been advertising our bikes at only $79, which would be the biggest indicator that you were involved in the scam. We would never sell our bikes at that price. So if you were involved in this, our best advice would be to dispute the charge with your credit card company and get your money back.

And please help us stop them at all costs. If you see one of these ads, please report! 

Any support on our pages and listings is a huge help as well! A lot of people are now confusing our brand with the scammers. So a positive review, comment, like, share is a massive help to us.

We deeply appreciate the love and support from our little community here.