3 Benefits of a Mini Dirt Bike

Alright, first off, don't take this list too seriously. As a life long rider i'm fully aware of the value in full size motorcycles and the amount of fun that comes from a long day of riding, or a multi day adventure trip. But stay with me while I make a solid case for mini bikes.

1. More affordable

There's a lower barrier of entry which is especially good for someone who is just getting into motorcycles and wants to try it out without spending $10k on a new dirt bike or doesn't want to fix up an old one, and still have a TON of fun.

2. Easier to learn on

The smaller size makes it less intimidating for riders of ANY skill level. No clutch, 4 gears, Electric Start button, makes this bike a breeze to hop on and put some fun hours in, getting comfortable on 2 wheels.

3. You can take it with you more places

A BSX 110cc or 140cc mini bike doesn't take much space. This is great because you're more likely to take it with you on a quick weekend getaway, when you can literally lift it into the back of your truck without needing a ramp. Some people use a simple hitch rack and the small size and light weight makes it a breeze to load on/off. So you're more likely to have it with you and REALLY elevate the level of fun on any trip:)

In our experience keeping a BSX 110 or 140 in the back of the truck for a quick "pull off the side of the road" rip around in the dirt is some of the MOST fun moments on a motorcycle. We absolutely love the last minute, spontaneous quick rides. 

Alright, I rest my case. If you want to learn more about our BSX mini bikes click here.

- Parker



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