Terms and Conditions

Competition Use Only acknowledgment

The term “competition” to include only organized racing. It may include both amateur and professional racing, but is limited to closed-course racing
and open-course racing that is formally sanctioned by a recognized
racing organization. All other uses are considered to be “recreational.”

I acknowledge the intended use of the motorcycle purchased by USA Motortoys is for competition use only. In re-selling the bike in the future it will be the responsibility of the customer to inform the next owner of the intended use of the vehicle. This limitation applies to both the initial purchaser and each and every subsequent purchaser of this product.

Warranty and Service

6 Months WARRANTY on parts only for manufacture defect.

No labor warranty on the BSX 110R. As a customer of BUSCADERO MOTORCYCLES LLC, you are responsible to service your own vehicle. Typically, small engine mechanics or people who have experience working on small engine style machines can service our products. 

Whether any unit we sell is new or used, Buscadero Motorcycles LLC does not pay for labor to fix any bikes or pay for any person or mechanic to diagnose a problem. If you cannot diagnose the problem on your own, you will then need to find a mechanic that can diagnose your problem and let us know what part(s) are needed.

Damages that may occur due to customer misuse or improper care and maintenance (including but not limited to exceeding the weight limit, negligence by the user, or blatant misuse of normal intended operations) are not covered under the warranty.

To better help our customers locate issues on their units we ask that the warranty part be sent to our parts department for inspection and testing for defects. No warranty parts will be sent out until parts are received. This ensures we send you the right part the first time. Not only does this guarantee that we’re sending you the right part, which saves our customers an enormous amount of time it helps us match the parts so we don’t make mistakes by sending you either an older part or newer part that will not match your unit. This is only to help our customers out.

This warranty is provided to the original customer and is non transferable. There is no agreement or warranty, expressed or implied other than those stated in this agreement.

Buscadero Motorcycles LLC does not provide or pay for labor and is not responsible for the payment of damages for incidental or consequential loss arising from injury. Ride at your own risk. All sales are final. Returns or Exchanges are not offered under any circumstance. We do sell awesome products but you must be careful by tightening bolts, checking for leaks, making sure all wires and hoses are connected properly and just being safe.